Water Damage Photo Gallery

Removing Materials To Dry

After a water damage, sometimes SERVPRO needs to remove flooring, base boards, and cut drywall in order to dry an area.  Don’t worry, we can also replace and rebuild everything.

Sneaky way to dry inside a wall

Ever wonder why you see fans blowing onto a wall after a water damage?  You see those small holes?  SERVPRO will remove the baseboards, pop holes into the wall, rather than cut it, and then we direct dehumidified air with fans behind the wall.

Drying Equipment for Floors

Rather than have to tear up a floor and replace costly wood flooring, there is specialty equipment available that allows SERVPRO to direct dry air beneath flooring.  This equipment saves time, money, and flooring, if not the hassle of having new floors installed in your home.

If You Discover Water in Your Basement

If you discover water in your home or basement, SERVPRO is a phone call away to help.  Our teams can extract water, dry the area, as well as contents, and return your home back to normal.