Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Sign of a Storm in a Store

If you see this in your home or business, you may want to call SERVPRO. When water rushes indoors, SERVPRO can help recover from this kind of damage, removing water and beginning the recovery.

You should have seen it before

Storm damage, especially water, can deliver thousands of gallons inside a home or building, severely damaging the interior. In many instances, it is SERVPRO’s job to remove the damaged materials, provide drying, and often times, cut away the damaged areas.

It didn’t look like this before

When a storm delivers water, mud, and all sorts of debris, it is SERVPRO’s job to get the floors clean again.  We can remove all that water and mess to help you get back to normal.

Hurricane Harvey Cleanup

After Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, SERVPRO of Wheaton/Glen Ellyn/Lisle was on-call to assist SERVPRO Disaster Response Teams with losses in Houston and the surrounding area. Our team worked around the clock to help alleviate the stress many business owners were facing.